WONDER POP is a wondrous journey that explores the power of Pop Art through the ages, ever since Pop Artists shook up the art world in the 60s, celebrating commonplace objects and people of everyday life, thus elevating mass media and popular culture into an art form and democratizing art for the public.

“In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes”, the exact prediction uttered by Andy Warhol, has now become reality. A prelude to K11’S 10TH Anniversary celebrations, the WONDER POP exhibition features Jean Jullien’s artwork, which offer an intriguing reflection on the relationship between modern society and technology. Center to the exhibition is Jullien’s iconic Bright Idea, which captures the joy of a new insight, the eureka moment and bright ideas. Besides serving as a thought-provoking medium, Pop Art also opens doors for us to dream about the future. Spanish illustrator Okokume creates an imaginative cosmic world that inspires viewers to make the world a better place.