Iceberg Island,

Mak Po × Niko Leung

Location: chi K11 art space Zone D

The bustle and hustle in our city has drawn our attention from minor things and going-ons. Things that we have seen, touched and heard remain “unnoticeable”. Likewise, it’s easy to be ignorant about the values that go behind the glassware and craft beers in this exhibition. And that’s why you’re invited to journey through the big big world the exhibits have to offer!

With Glass (river sand) is exactly what is used to produce glassware, the W Glass Project of Taiwan’s Spring Pool Glass Industrial Co. seeks, among construction and destruction, a cycle of infiniteness and meaningfulness, exploring the contradictory symbiosis between recycling and creating. In collaboration with them, Niko hopes to unveil the possibilities of recycling glass waste. The icebergs on the glass implies reliance and depth beneath all things. Just imagine the “bottom” of such a recycled glass reveals its past: an old window, an empty jam jar, and a remoldable river sand.

Echoing Niko’s design concept is the three craft beers created by Mak’s Beer. “Transforming” gives a dry and fresh mouthfeel. During its fermentation, the leftover champagne yeast is added for the second fermentation, bringing a second life for the yeast. ”Navigating” has used an unknown species of hops. The navigation through the details of its fermentation has resulted in a brand-new floral aroma, signifying multi-dimensional and unrestricted creativity. “Sedimenting” brings in a spicy taste with the addition of the ordinary chili, but the new aroma does call for resemblance of values of daily existence.

The two creative units would like to narrate the beer-tasting process in a “reverse order” for participants to appreciate the products’ origins, most sincere and precious extension and transformation.

By transforming the presentation of beer and glass, the art work unveils the most precious essence of raw materials.

Mak Po × Niko Leung

Mak Po

Director and co-founder from Mak’s brewery, a local craft-beer brand in Hong Kong. He love to uses different local ingredients to create a unique style between experiment and technology. Mak’s enjoy to challenge the taste and smell in brewing every moment. Mak’s brew called "Cantonese Beer", meaning is brewed in Hong Kong, made in Hong Kong.

Niko Leung

Niko Leung Hong Ken is a designer who is keen on material, form, colour and narrative. Working as a part-time design and visual art teacher at Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, Niko is also involved in commission and self-initiated projects. Graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands; Trained as a product designer, Niko had had artist-in-residence experiences in China, Finland, the Netherlands and Japan. Her background in the architectural ceramics manufacturing industry inspires her collaboration with factories locally and internationally



Location: chi K11 art space Zone D