Reversing in a Flash / Let's forget the time line

Kongkee × Joe Kwan

Location: chi K11 art space Zone D

Reversing in a flash

Time is a human concept, totally artificial. How is such a concept interpreted in this imaginary world of Kong Kee? This forms the core of the design of the watch. Reverse-going hands and mirror-image displays on the face mean that the only way to tell time is through the virtual world in the mirror.

Let’s forget the time line

Timeline is something to shuffle in animation. Rivers can flow backward. Characters can be free from gravity. Broken glass pieces come back together as one at a snap of fingers. Imagine life in animation, and it sounds adventurous. But such a life has had its destiny predetermined. While in real life, the future is simply unpredictable. Watch how the character, who walks backward, explores the unknown future.

The reversed design of the hour hand and dial plate reinterprets the concept of ‘time’ between realism and virtual existence.

Kongkee × Joe Kwan


A.k.a Kong Khong Chang, grew up in Hong Kong in the 1980s. He believed that "The World is a Big Playground". Published comic series since 2003: Détournements (co. Chihoi), Pandaman, Ding Ding Penguin...etc. Founder of Penguin Lab with Lawman in 2008. It focuses on comic and animation production, character licensing, art and multi-media activities. In 2015, his comic Travel to Hong Kong with Blur was published in collaboration with the English rock band Blur. Animation short Departure, which received a DigiCon6 Asia Gold Mention in 2017. In 2019 Kongkee was invited as the member of juries in the 26th International Trickfilm Festival, Stuttgart, Germany.

Joe Kwan

Joe Kwan, Hong Kong designer, founded Anicorn Watches in 2014. Anicorn Watches has teamed up with NASA, Daniel Arsham, Philip Colbert to create timepieces with different perspectives.



Location: chi K11 art space Zone D